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Ramana Maharshi: Self Enquiry Tips

11.14.2011 · Posted in Personal Transformation

Most of you probably already know about Ramana Maharshi and his revolutionary teaching of Self Enquiry.  The question is, what is the most effective way to use the Self Enquiry technique, so that you can, just like Ramana Maharshi live in a constant state of Samadhi. Let’s look at Ramana Maharshi’s technique: Self Enquiry at ...

Personal Development Addiction

01.02.2011 · Posted in Personal Transformation

The personal development industry generates billions every year. Seekers are always eager to try the latest technique, course or recording in order that they may learn the secrets of life and create a meaningful, joyous existence for themselves. There are personal development books, potions, tapes/CDs, techniques, courses, seminars and gurus that all promise to change ...

The Truth About Self Realization

12.07.2010 · Posted in Mind, Personal Transformation, Spirit

There are many teachings about self realization. With the internet you can find tens of thousands of writings on self realization and spiritual enlightenment. Some of them quite wonderful and quite profound. But because of this, self realization can be reduced to an intellectual experience by many and the opportunity for real enlightenment is lost. ...