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Get in Shape Fast with CrossFit

05.30.2013 · Posted in Fitness

Do you need an exercise regimen which: You can achieve the best result in the shortest time without taking dubious supplements? You can see how you build up your muscles in the most effective ways? You enjoy a personalized routine that has been charted according to your capabilities? is safe and highly challenging? You can ...

A Way to Comprehensive Health & Fitness Regime

09.05.2012 · Posted in Fitness

Delhi offers a great deal of exemplary architectural monuments from ancient, medieval and colonial periods including the implausible Red Fort, the glorious India gate and beautiful spawning gardens similar to Lodhi and Mughal. Amongst great cultural heritage, the city is thronged by tourist in search of Best Spas in Delhi adding a special attraction to ...

Winter Detox – Juicing

08.27.2012 · Posted in Fitness

Yep, it’s cold. And the last thing we usually want to think about as we’re throwing our scarves around our neck and heading out into the elements is a cleansing juice. But apart from the physical benefits of clearer skin, glowing (and puffy-less) eyes, a tummy that doesn’t bloat and of course, an unheard of ...

How Pilates and Yoga Can Make You Fit

06.03.2012 · Posted in Fitness, Yoga

According to a report from a leading business news channel, Pilates is our country’s fastest growing activity, with almost 9 million participants. Since 2000, the time when it became popular Pilates, has shown fairly steady growth. The number of burgeoning users have grown 450% since the year 2000 and thus proves the stability of Pilates ...

Fitness Hoops For Weight Loss

04.02.2012 · Posted in Fitness

Now-a-days most of the people are suffering from bad health. It is mainly because they do not get time to pay attention to their physical fitness. It is suggested that everyone should take out some time and focus on their physical fitness as it has several benefits and it thus holds a great importance in ...

How to Use Green Tea Weight Loss Plans Successfully With Other Weight Loss Teas

12.12.2011 · Posted in Fitness

Before going any further, I’ll like to say that if you really think a green tea weight loss plan or just drinking gallons of other weight loss teas will help you lose weight, you will end up being disappointed. Don’t be deceived, there’s no magic wand to losing weight outside combining a healthy diet and ...