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A Way to Comprehensive Health & Fitness Regime

Author: vizzmedia 09.05.2012 · Posted in Fitness

Delhi offers a great deal of exemplary architectural monuments from ancient, medieval and colonial periods including the implausible Red Fort, the glorious India gate and beautiful spawning gardens similar to Lodhi and Mughal. Amongst great cultural heritage, the city is thronged by tourist in search of Best Spas in Delhi adding a special attraction to the city.Hectic life and nick-of-time schedules are making it tougher to keep a good tact with healthy living and more importantly to keep us going. This is an era of ‘necessity breeding imperative invention’, the sprawling spas in the country have outnumbered the food joints.

An urge to look healthy & beautiful drives fitness enthusiasts to new avenues seeking the right choice of Spas. Accretion of Salon, Skin Experts, and Gyms are increasingly getting popular and are seeing a continuous increase in memberships. The practice of Yoga in Delhi, also has emerged as an alternative to shed some extra weight, rejuvenate and revitalize inner senses.

Amatrra Spa, located in Hotel The Ashok, New Delhi features a comprehensive menu of specialist signature treatments. It, facilitates you with the E series of Cardio Stations from the leading Gym equipment manufacturer ‘Star Trac’ not present in any other Gym in Delhi. It has a superbly equipped gym with high-tech equipments, complimented by a team of highly trained professionals. The Gym offers personalized fitness programs with strength training stations and a digital weight tracking system.

It has an advanced performance studio that offers an extensive and the most effective strength and weight training systems. It also propounds a sophisticated routine workshop for group fitness programmes, Power Yoga, Dedicated Yoga and Aerobics Studio offering general and specialized classes whick makes it special rather than any Fitness Center in Delhi.

Special feature of personal coach who are well qualified, trained & experienced in guiding cardio & Technogym Bio-strength series is prime highlight there. Other features are Digital weight- tracking system, comprehensive Free weights, Fitness testing, body fat Analysis & exercise mats for floor excercises.It offers complete body fitness programs.

It has also introduced ‘My Zone’: A Special Heart Rate Training programme which measures each and every movement within and out of the Amatrra Gym with the help of a unique belt that is designed to store and collect data pertaining to calories burnt and heart rate of a member for improved results.

This Spa has patent treatments which harness exotic remedies of nature and offer a unique blend of Therapies, Scrubs, Massages, Wraps , Vichy Showers, oriental Treatments rooms and a relaxing lounge – all orchestrated to take you through a sensory experience.

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