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Relief from those Painful, Aching Joints? Look up a Platinum Health Myotherapist

Author: Miles Campbell 07.26.2011 · Posted in Body
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Melbourne’s active outdoor lifestyle means that its residents rarely get a moment’s peace to relax and unwind. Long, untreated pain and inflamed joints could mean something much more serious than the aching muscles, or tiredness we all tend to dismiss. Myotherapy might be the only solution to delivering a pain-free lifestyle that everyone aspires to. Platinum Health in Sunshine is leading the way in offering the best myotherapy and pain relief solutions to many in and around Melbourne.

Myotherapy is a holistic method of treating pain, stress and musculoskeletal ailments through a comprehensive diagnostic and deep tissue rejuvenation technique. Myotherapists are trained to assess and relieve pain from deep in the joints and muscles, iron out the tiredness of ligaments, and build strength for a total body relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Combine a visit to the Sunshine-based gym with a relaxing yoga session, or join up for the relaxation that the gym, sauna and steam offer for your health and wellbeing.

Myotherapy is a new form of musculoskeletal care that offers relief for a wide range of untreatable pain symptoms. At Platinum in Sunshine, our proven methods of deep diagnosis, ongoing treatment and deep massage work to relieve the soft tissue structure that causes pain and dysfunction. Platinum Health’s Melbourne-based gym is known for its all-round approach to health and wellness, and now myotherapy consultations are just the latest in a series of new, alternative health and wellness offerings.

Myotherapists aim to educate clients about how muscles work, what causes dysfunction, improve muscular strength and increase the body’s ability to withstand pain while simultaneously working on flexibility. If you’re looking for this all-in-one body treatment, without the hassle of repeated chiropractor visits, phyiotherapist visits and unreliable medication, you must visit the Platinum Health gym in Melbourne.

If you’re suffering from intense lower back pain, stiff necks, numbness, dystrophy, recurring athletic injuries, torn or bruised muscles or more, you need look no further than the myotherapists at Melbourne’s Platinum health.

Our trained myotherapists are available by appointment to consult with you on your pain management needs, and they combine the unique skill to both assess pain accurately and relieve stress and pain that prevents you from enjoying your life or physical activities. They see athletes, senior citizens, the young, and people from all walks of life who need a consultation on the benefits and ongoing impact of myotherapy on their lives.

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