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Diabetes- Causes and Cure

Author: jasonausie 03.16.2013 · Posted in Body

Diabetes is one of the most emerging diseases in today’s life. Every second person is suffering from diabetes. So it’s very important to have a

(Type 1) Diabetes management 1: insert change

(Type 1) Diabetes management 1: insert change (Photo credit: Bill_Owen)

good medication for this. Various anti diabetic medicines are now available which help in lowering blood sugar level. Diabetes if not treated early may cause fatal results. Neglecting diabetes may result even in death.

Diabetes means increase of blood glucose or blood sugar. People suffering from diabetes must go for treatment as early as possible. Various diabetic treatments and medications are available. Diabetic experts and doctors start treatment when they come to know that patient is suffering from a particular type of diabetes like Type 1 diabetic mellitus or Type 2 diabetic mellitus. Diabetic treatment may be done by oral medication. This medication involves the intake of pills which helps in controlling blood sugar. Several kinds of drugs are available which work in different manner.

Drugs like Lipitor, Pravachol and Crestor are mostly prescribed by Doctors. Metformin, Sulfonylureas, Thiazolidinediones, Meglitinides, Biguanides, Thiazolidinediones, Alpha glycosidase inhibitors and Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor are six types of drugs available for the treatment of diabetes. Various therapies are also available. In some therapies only one medicine is given, sometimes two or sometimes the combination of one or more drugs depending on the patient’s requirement is prescribed. Besides taking pills patient must follow wise and specific dietary chart. Diabetes medicines prevents patient from increasing blood sugar level and any other complication which develops from diabetes.

Diabetes treatment varies from patient to patient. Some patients need Insulin injection for controlling blood sugar. Insulin is also available in 20 types of compositions. Patients need to decide which type of insulin has to be injected. Insulin Sensitizers are also recommended in some cases. Nature of diabetes, patient’s age, situation and various other factors decide which class of anti-diabetic medication is to be given. Besides this diabetes treatment can also be done naturally by making use of Ayurvedic medicines. Cinnamon and Vanadium salts help patient reduce their blood sugar. Thiamine also prevents diabetes complications to some extent.

Herbal treatments of diabetes include consumption of bitter gourd juice, Indian gooseberry juice and mixture of both which enables pancreas to stimulate insulin. Insulin helps in absorption of sugar from blood. Mixer of grind seeds of fenugreek, turmeric and white pepper with glass of milk helps in reducing diabetes to a great extent. The natural diabetic treatment involves strict dietary control. Intake of sugar in any form should be avoided. Plenty of green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and herbs prevent diabetes and its related complications.

The proper course of this treatment includes strict control on diet, proper exercise, regular testing of blood glucose and oral medication. Weight reduction and exercise are the important treatments of diabetes. If this measure fails then oral medication is preferred and if again this treatment fails then insulin injection is prescribed. The ultimate goal is to reduce blood sugar without causing abnormal reduction in blood sugar.

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