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Getting Fit and Losing Fat

Author: Samantha Dale 05.01.2013 · Posted in Exercise

Launching into a workout program requires an enthusiasm that belies the daunting challenges lying ahead. The benefit of success is

Weight Loss Progress

Weight Loss Progress (Photo credit: Lexinatrix)

indisputable, nevertheless the process of attaining it remains discouraging. In a word, fitness is tough! Fitness is not merely a hobby, or even an exalted activity. Fitness is lifestyle. Diet and exercise are necessary components of that lifestyle, but the lifestyle of fitness itself is an all encompassing embrace of positive processes in living. Fitness brings health, and the method of achieving it is will be different for each individual. Ones fitness is his or her own, unique and self-affirming.

To become fit requires exercise, and people serious about getting fit often wonder whether or not to utilize a personal trainer. The choice may well be one of benefit versus cost, but until the benefits are known, the decision cannot be well made. Utilizing a personal trainer brings many advantages to someone working to become fit. To begin with, a personal trainer can work with a client to determine what his / her personal goals are, and then develop a workout plan designed specifically to meet those goals. A customized exercise routine will be more easily maintained by the client, and will produce precisely the results he or she seeks.

Additionally it is very important to utilize proper form and technique when exercising. Without those, exercise could become less productive and even harmful. A personal trainer can guide the client with clear and accurate instructions and information about exercise form and methods. The trainer can monitor the client’s routine, and adjust technique on an ongoing basis to make sure that the most effective form is used.

Staying motivated while working out for fitness is essential, yet very difficult. To keep motivated, one should target his or her goals, and never rest on past accomplishments. A personal trainer can be instrumental in keeping a client motivated and focused on goals. Using a personal trainer can produce substantial benefits in even a short time, and a personal trainer as skilled motivator can help to keep the exerciser’s mind on his or her goals.

Selecting the right personal trainer is essential. Gyms normally have trainers on staff, and if not, they can probably provide lists of trainers that work in the area. There are trainers easily obtainable in most metropolitan areas. In New York, for example, one might seek a Long Island personal trainer, and there are many. Some personal trainers also maintain websites and advertise online. Pick two or three prospective trainers, and try them out! Interview them first about training and experience, and then attend just a single session. Size the trainer up with regards to approach, and his or her approachability. Make sure the trainer is someone that can be readily interacted with, and that the trainer will be available for consultations as required.

One area of great concern to many people in evaluating their appearance is belly fat. This is simply fat around the waist, due to being sedentary, avoiding exercise, and consuming too much fat and sugar. People find it hard to shed pounds and eliminate belly fat and keep it off. Workout routines are focused on belly fat, however some people mistakenly believe the best exercise to control belly fat is abdominal routines such as sit-ups and crunches.

This is not the case. The first method of fighting belly fat is dietary. Belly fat simply comes from overeating, as does a rise in overall unwanted fat, and a decrease in caloric intake will by itself help to reduce belly fat. The addition of fruits and vegetables, legumes, dark chocolate, nuts, and whole grains to diet will help replace high fat and high calorie foods. Exercise is worthwhile, too, but it is not simply sit-ups and crunches. Instead, it should be a mixture of cardio workouts and strength training. Cardio burns calories, and calorie burn reduces body fat and belly fat. Strength training builds muscle, which replaces fat, and adds muscle tone.

One uniquely effective method of exercise for overall fat reduction and fighting belly fat is high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is particularly effective as an exercise routine as it produces substantial fitness benefits while requiring less time than standard cardio routines. HIIT includes brief intervals of high intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of reduced intensity work. HIIT is effective at conditioning both anaerobic and aerobic systems. The high intensity intervals of HIIT involve maximum effort as opposed to just an increased heart rate. HIIT increases calorie burn through exercise by lengthening the time needed for the body to recoup from each exercise session. This increased calorie burn also increases fat reduction through exercise, and with it, unwanted belly fat reduction.

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