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Contrasting Views

12.31.2010 · Posted in Mind, Veronique

PAIRED VIEWS, DAMAGING OUTCOMES: Duality, Separation, and Extreme Competition. No right or wrong lesser or greater just accepted viewpoints which create damaging outcomes. These viewpoints are Duality, Separation, and Extreme Competition. Thinking from a duality, separation, or extreme outcome viewpoint creates hierarchical thinking. In hierarchical thinking someone is always fighting to claim more superiority over ...

Powerful Program to Help Failing Schools

08.28.2007 · Posted in Holistic News, Veronique

With the current crisis in the education system today, we are all looking for solutions that will give schools, students and their families the support they need to provide a positive and effective learning environment no matter what their socioeconomic level is.  Solutions that are affordable and effective will be the way of the future. ...