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Contrasting Views

Author: veronique 12.31.2010 · Posted in Mind, Veronique

PAIRED VIEWS, DAMAGING OUTCOMES: Duality, Separation, and Extreme Competition.

No right or wrong lesser or greater just accepted viewpoints which create damaging outcomes. These viewpoints are Duality, Separation, and Extreme Competition.

Thinking from a duality, separation, or extreme outcome viewpoint creates hierarchical thinking. In hierarchical thinking someone is always fighting to claim more superiority over what they have deemed as inferior. Hierarchical thinking can even lead to THINKING / BELIEVING one gender is superior to another, one race is better than another; or humans are better than animals. When separated, fear creates through the base root of anger.

Life is life. God’s creations are God’s creatures, no lesser or greater, just what is yet, within this structure it can become endless if always presenting viewpoints of separateness, duality and superiority to others. Under Duality and Separateness we become dependent upon Governments or other such Systems losing our dignity and God given purpose as humans, creating barely surviving, frustrated in the fight for scraps to exist because we are taught to look outside ourselves in how to be in this world.

The only way this will end is when we understand that in the underlying reality we are, in fact all – one on the inside. We are made up in the same composition of emotions, feelings, desires to be loved, respected and valued for who we are. In oneness there is no separateness, only the illusion of it. The separateness we see in hierarchal thinking creates through misunderstandings created in conditional perceptions. Conditional perceptions exist through a duality approach to life. This doesn’t mean you have to accept crimes against man, women, children, animals and society. Just find more compassion in how depravity created and start where you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, with you. Find what is beautiful and real within you and share that gift with the world unconditionally and responsibility …knowing that gift has value to all of humanity. Remain as one and your gift becomes everlasting.

Throughout time we were given simple guidelines through our different religious beliefs. For me it is the Ten Commandments. I choose to forget all the this and that’s, the ya de da’s of attempting to determine what one scribe meant in a language and form of communicating long changed by time and living conditions, I just desire to get simple. The Golden Rule works for me. Do unto other as you would have then do unto you. One of my Keys in The Choice Is Mine, If it is good for me it is good for you because we are one. Real simple.

I love the story of Forrest Gump for it represents the simple guidelines of how his simplicity created ethical behavior excelling him in life no matter what adverse conditions may have existed. It is interesting when we look at the chaos and destruction created by seemly intelligent men and many thought Forrest Gump was mentally challenged. For me, Forrest Gump was the brilliant one by sharing through his unique gift of simplicity. It is interesting to view this dichotomy in our culture, and ask how can we incorporate more simplicity of being love in to our way of life as we stand strong in the courage to be ourselves without being a doormat or enforcing a hierarchal battle for superiority. The good news is we can return to a more whole and unified way to exist through clear purpose and dignity by living through the understanding of Unconditional Responsible Oneness Attitudes.

Oneness emphasizes our Godliness and not the illusion of Separateness or Duality. The idea of oneness leads to no lesser or greater, and works in co-operation and healthy competition instead of falling in to a dog-eat-dog extreme competitiveness at any costs. Costs by tearing the very fiber of our humanity, society and who we are as humans apart by creating in diametrically opposed directions from our innate nature. Our innate nature is to simply be love. Additionally, oneness teaches us HOW to flow with life instead of fighting it. Oneness gives people their sense of dignity by feeling good about and loving what they do to earn their way through life.

Quantum Theory is the scientific premise that makes our modern devises like cell phones and other such developments possible. Quantum Theory says that in the underlying reality, which composes everything, we are in fact all one. Therefore one can never understand a cake by studying only a single ingredient. The only way to understand how anything is made is by looking at it as an integrative structure that cannot be separated. And then if you really understand a cake in its wholeness, you will understand that a cake is it self, not just its parts. Yet the cake requires its parts to be whole and itself. As we emerge into bigger structures that make our human society function as a part of all of humanity once again one can never understand our human society by studying only a single component. Humanity is a part of all life and we are part of the whole of the universe we live in. We are ourselves not just our parts yet remember the parts makeup the whole.

Separation creates fear and distortions through conditional behavior. Extreme competition to enforce separation follows. Beginning in the mid 1700’s we began placing competition in to the extreme with the publication of Adam Smith’s philosophies of economics. Mr. Smith formally introduced this extreme competition to Western cultures when he completed and published his viewpoint of economics in 1776. Smith’s economics is based on HIS belief, that the base character of humans is self-absorption/ selfishness. SOCEITY bought in to it. The same year the U.S. was formed, consequently the U.S. adopted Smith’s system of economics as their economic system. And so our evolution of a society building from a fear-based theory was continued and placed in motion from what was considered fact. Our Forefathers did their best to undo such thinking with our Constitution, Declaration of Independence (man is created Equal). However man kept looking outside self with some moving in to the direction of Darwin when he introduced his theory of evolution. His 1859 book On the Origin of Species Darwin established evolution by common descent as the dominant scientific explanation of diversification in nature. This lead to “survival of the fittest.” “Survival of the fittest” supported Smith’s earlier theory that self-absorption/selfishness triumphs over long-term gain received from co-operation and being one with the whole of the Universe. Then in 1976 Richard Dawkins, a biologist wrote “The Selfish Gene.” From these different theories we tainted society with damaging forms of unbalanced thinking surrounding competition. This thinking formed a defective and underlying rule in different competitive activities; such as, “Nice guys finish last,” “No one likes a loser,” or the rule that came out of the Chicago Business school, which is my all time favorite: “It is your responsibility to have the best bottom line possible, even if you have to lie, cheat and break the law to do so.” These facts led to extreme competition at all costs and the costs were high. This then directed the way to short-term gain over long-term co-operation and sustainability. In co-operation we replace extreme competition as the main choice of behavior with the realization that we live in an unlimited God / Universe / Providence open and ready to support us when we become clear and unconditionally responsible for what we want.

As early as the 1950s a new way of thinking began emerging with mathematician, John Nash. He showed that a cooperative economic system was not only possible it proved to be superior with greater stabilization. He was recognized in 1994 (better late than never) when he received the Noble Prize for economics. Also as early as the 1970s a new movement within businesses emerged. Corporate Social Responsibility, — referred to as “CSR.” This progress has had increased momentum over the last 15 years.

Adding to this growth the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize given to Muhammad Yunuss for his micro-lender Grameen Bank. The Grameen bank also emphasizes a growing number of cooperative sub-economic systems referred to as alternative currencies. “And finally, economic measures such as gross national product (GNP) and gross domestic product (GDP) typically used to gauge how well a country is doing, are being challenged by a new generation of indicators, including the United Nations Human Development Index (HNH), Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index (GNH), the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators, and last yet never least, the Happy Planet Index… sounds fun to me.

All in all embracing what we have been given as guidance for centuries, (you shall not covet… goes beyond simply admiring someone else’s possessions, coveting includes envy resenting what others have. In hierarchal thinking someone or something is always more superior. What is different is not superior, it just is. And what is serves the whole in the unique purpose it was created. Be love. Be honest in our private dwellings and our public places. Remember all are created equal.

Merging the two worlds usually kept apart, Spirit/Spirituality and Science opens us to seeing our world in a new light. In my world everything is possible. I know uniting spirit and science is possible in an Oneness attitude because it takes in the whole of your life experiences it doesn’t separate what is one.

Taken from Veronique’s articles.

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