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Fitness Hoops For Weight Loss

Author: kensmith1234527 04.02.2012 · Posted in Fitness

Now-a-days most of the people are suffering from bad health. It is mainly because they do not get time to pay attention to their physical fitness. It is

Hula hoop; Folsom Street Fair

Hula hoop; Folsom Street Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

suggested that everyone should take out some time and focus on their physical fitness as it has several benefits and it thus holds a great importance in living a healthier life. Out of the several benefits of physical fitness the most important one is the development of positive attitude of that person towards life which ultimately leads in a higher level of satisfaction.

There are several ways to stay physically fit and lose the unwanted amount of fats from your body. Out of all possible ways one is hoop workouts. Previously these exercise hoops were only used by kids as a toy. So it was a general thought that people who try weight loss by hoop workout feel like kids. But over the past years this perception has fairly changed. The hula hoop workout is now used in the fitness centers as an important part of the aerobics class. According to a recent research hula hoop workout for thirty minutes can burn as much energy as 210 calories.

First of all only the light weight, plastic hula hoops were available in the market but then it was realized that they are not very comfortable to be used for a longer duration so for a comfortable hooping experience the hoops have been thickly padded now. These thickly padded fitness hoops make the workout very easy for its users. The idea of padded fitness hoops has resulted in increasing the weight of these hoops. These weighted hula hoops are bigger and heavier than the old hula hoops. These weighted hoops are for better results and quick weight loss. These fitness hoops come in different sizes for the comfort of its users.

To get maximum benefit out of these exercise hoops there are certain guidelines which are discussed ahead. It is found out that that the waist hoops can be most advantageous if you keep your shoulders back and abs tight, if you level your feet with the floor, if you keep a slight bend in the knees and keep pushing into the ground, if you keep the head up, and if you keep this exercise hoop against your back then the hoop workout can be made even more effective. Similarly for the arm hoops it is advised to start with your arms straight out to your sides with the palms facing up.

So in the end it can be summarized that the hoop workouts are very beneficial for weight loss and also the fitness of the body. These fitness hoops not only help in reducing the unwanted fats but also help in shaping the waist, strengthening the abdominals, improving the posture etc. Life is beautiful and to enjoy it to the fullest one needs to focus on his/her physical fitness. Hoop workouts can be a great help and we all should try it.

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