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Get in Shape Fast with CrossFit

Author: studeo55crossfit 05.30.2013 · Posted in Fitness
English: July 2007 CrossFit Trainer certificat...

English: July 2007 CrossFit Trainer certification, Santa Cruz, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you need an exercise regimen which:

  • You can achieve the best result in the shortest time without taking dubious supplements?
  • You can see how you build up your muscles in the most effective ways?
  • You enjoy a personalized routine that has been charted according to your capabilities?
  • is safe and highly challenging?
  • You can make up for the busy schedule of your life and your passion for fitness?

Then, CrossFit Vancouver would be just the perfect solution. Intensity is its other name.

CrossFit gyms in Vancouver have a trademark definition: it is core strength and conditioning program. Greg Glassman and Lauren Glassman started this amazing fitness solution for the first time only in 2000.

The popularity and mass adoption, in less than a decade of its origin, have illustrated the inherent rewards of the program. No wonder, it has achieved a cult status. It has even prompted academic studies, solely on its techniques and results.

It is hard and heavy for all the good reasons. A day’s workout would take no more than 30 minutes, which is incorporated in a Workout of the Day capsule. It would help spend time on other activities. Concisely, people should stop wasting time.

On the other hand, this half-an-hour workout is not meant for half-hearted people.

In its barest parts, CrossFit comprises aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, gymnastics and weight lifting. One of the remarkable features is its flexibility. It is apparent from its dedicated space for improvement and addition. Any trainer or fitness center can easily get the certification by passing a two-day course.

A conventional gym is highly individualized. However, CrossFit is a community effort without compromising the identity of an individual. This collective endeavor encourages the people to bring out their best.

The effect on people belonging to different background is amazing. Police personnel, athletes, martial artists and many of those in such active professions have been the direct beneficiaries. The number is growing rapidly as well.

On the downside, critics have found that a workout in CrossFit gyms in Vancouver can be counterproductive. However, they did not mention that those who had been injured in such workouts were approaching without a guide. Even if there was a guide, some of them were untrained and inexperienced.

To conclude, many health freaks and fitness experts are excited about the programs included in this intensive workout. If nothing else, the programs are vigorous, with no room for boredom.

Studeo55, a boutique health club, has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade. It caters to all the needs for people who are looking for CrossFit gyms in Vancouver.

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