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Benefits Of Working Out With Weighted Hoops

Author: kensmith1234527 07.17.2011 · Posted in Fitness

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Hoop workout is now becoming quite common due to its effectiveness. In the past these people did not use these hula hoop workouts to stay physically fit due to certain reasons. The reasons include that it was uncomfortable and the misconception of it being just a toy for the kids.

Previously only the light weight, plastic hula hoops were available. They were used by kids and adults both as a toy and exercise hoop respectively. As the time passed it was realized that they are not very comfortable to be used for a longer duration. So for a comfortable hooping experience the idea of thickly padding the hoops emerged. These padded fitness hoops resulted in an increased weight thus earning a new name that is the weighted hoops or the weighted hula hoops.

These weighted hoops are bigger and heavier than the old hula hoops. These fitness hoops can be weighted with different things like beads, rubber, metal or water. They are larger in diameter than the older exercise hoops. Weighted hula hoops are helpful at building core strength as they help tighten your abdominal muscles to offset the weight of the hoop. The weighted hoops also serves to shape the waist, front to back, side to side that leads to a tighter and stronger midsection. To make this hoop workout more effective it is suggested to hoop in both directions to challenge the core in a balanced manner.
As these weighted hula hoops are easier to use thus it is obvious that they can be used for longer durations. This results in higher heart rate and cardiovascular conditioning benefits. Due to the reason that these exercise are higher in weight it is clear that muscles must work harder thus burning more calories for you.

One of the greatest benefits of these weighted hoops is that they are easier to twist than the older lighter one. The reason for this is that it is larger in diameter which makes it easy for the adults to rotate it. The weighted hula hoops come in different sizes for the comfort of its users.

Hula hoop workouts not only help in burning the unnecessary fats but also make you physically fit, smart, shaped and thus more attractive. The weighted hula hoops are for better and quicker results.

As in the world today we have much more to do it a small span of time. So to save time we all are always in search of ways that can produce better and quicker results. Relating this fact to the hoop workouts it will not be wrong to say that weighted hula hoops are meant for the purpose of saving your precious time and making the workout worthwhile in as short time period as possible. Apart from this it also focuses on one of the most things that is to ensure the comfort of its users. So in the end it can be said that weighted hula hoop is better than the traditional hula hoop.

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