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Herbal Supplements, Care Taker of Your Health

Author: lanawalter 12.26.2011 · Posted in Herbal Remedies

Herbal supplements which are normally made from herbs or plants can be used as supplements for a good health. Officially these

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herbal remedies

supplements are not regarded as drugs or medicines, some of them can have harmful as well as helpful side effects.

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the advantages of Ayurveda, as the science of using medicinal value herbs to cover several ailments. Originated long time ago, Ayurveda is considered as a part of Indian tradition and way of life. But it has exceeded the bounds of countries and herbal supplements are mostly seen in all stores.

The fame of herbal supplements increased these days as more people are keen to improve their health and lifestyle in a natural way. Due to this, there have been so many scientific studies done and the research results suggests that these herbal supplements are very much effective for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In modern days, exploration and intake of these drugs and dietary supplements increased very much. Scientists in this field are searching and analyzing more plants that can be developed for the better treatment of many types of diseases. Since a great percentage of modern drugs in America have been sourced from plants.

The use of Ayurvedic herbal remedies ensure the physical and mental health of a person without the worry of harmful side effects as herbs are natural ingredients. Ayurvedic herbal remedies have two major factors for its success.

Currently, approximately 13-26% of Americans use an herbal remedies yearly. Despite their popularity, these substances, advertised as medically active, are regulated as dietary supplements, rather than as medicines by the Food and Drug Administratio. This means that there is very little regulation about manufacturing or content of these substances. In Canada every natural product must apply for a NPN and are now governed under the NHPR , which include provisions on adverse reaction reporting, labelling, and site and product licencing.

Americans, however, often perceive herbals as “safer”, “more natural”, and “more holistic” than conventional medications. Also, many are suspicious of the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry. Herbal medications do, of course, represent an enormous financial interest. Echinacea alone has annual sales of about Three hundred million dollars in the U.S.

Unless we feel the need of herbal supplement, we shouldn’t consume it. Most herbs have properties that will cover particular physical systems. We should check with our GP before we plan to take supplement if we are already on medication.

Modern herbal curatives mainly come from three main sources, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western. The Chinese form of medication is also known as oriental medicine. The Ayurveda originated in India. Ayurveda actualy is the traditional way of treatment in ancient India. Like this, the Western supplements originated from European countries like Italy and Greece.

IAs earlier mentioned, we shouldn’t take ayurvedic supplement without checking our GP, if your are already taking other prescribed drugs. Otherwise it is the best way of medicine to have.

The good news nowadays is we can buy these ayurvedica supplements online today, as online herbal stores are gaining popularity. But don’t forget to find a reputed online store and to go through the recommendations before purchasing any type of herbal product.

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