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Chinese Astrology Compatibility – How the 12 Chinese Signs Behave in their relationships

Author: Samantha Dale 03.22.2012 · Posted in Relationships

In this article about Chinese astrology compatibility I am analyzing a few key aspects of the 12 Chinese signs when it comes to their relationships

The carvings with Chinese Zodiac on the ceilin...

The carvings with Chinese Zodiac on the ceiling of the gate to Kushida Shrine in Fukuoka (mirror image, to have animals in the correct order) Polski: Rze?by z chi?skim zodiakiem na sklepieniu bramy do ?wi?tyni Kushida w Fukuoce (odbicie lustrzane, znaki we w?a?ciwej kolejno?ci) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with other people (friends, foes, loved ones)

The first sign of the Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Rats are energetic, talkative and have a tendency to become aggressive. They are charming but reluctant to end relationships, they also obstinate which can lead to friendship issues.

Secondly comes the The Ox. They are strong and determined in their relationships. They search hard to find the perfect partner. They struggle to retain friends as they tend to blame others. They make formidable enemies as their drive and will power wears down foes.

Next comes The Tiger. They love challenges and protecting honor especially when it comes to their loved ones. They like to dominate them and are very passionate. They are generally free spirits who don’t like commitments. As Tigers they will pounce on enemies especially to protect loved ones.

The Fourth sign is The Rabbit. They are friendly and genial. They love good company. Rabbits are very sensual and are often taken advantage of especially over affairs of the heart. They hide emotions and foes will often make them insecure.

The fifth sign is The Dragon. They are strong, determined and unafraid. In relationships Dragons are reluctant to give up their independence. They have friends but often prefer to be alone. Enemies had best beware as they have a fiery and passionate temper.

Next is The Snake. They are great manipulators and are very cagey and considered. They make great seducers but are very insecure. They are wary of friends and can become obsessive. They will always make sure they get even with adversaries.

The Horse is the seventh sign. They love being the main attraction and entertain with their wit. They are whole hearted in love and they develop deep feelings quickly. They throw tantrums easily but remain determined.

The Eighth sign is The Goat. They are calm and intelligent. They are equally happy alone or in a group. They are shy and can be reclusive making relationships tricky. They have few close friends. They are tough on the outside but fragile within, a combination that frustrates their enemies.

Next comes The Monkey. They are clever and love jokes. They do not mind hurting the feelings of others. They bore easily and are reluctant to settle into a relationship. They tire easily of friends but will usually outsmart any foe who challenges them.

Sign number ten is the Rooster. They are both trustworthy and blunt. They will not shy away from the truth even with loved ones and can easily hurt a lovers feelings. Friends like them because they have big hearts and are loyal. They can be aggressive and will not back down from trouble.

The next sign is The Dog. They are kind and dependable. They care for the happiness of others more than their own. They find falling in love difficult due to their anxious nature and they can be critical. They are determined and temperamental which can scare away both friends and enemies.

Lastly is The Pig. Pigs love life and they are givers. They are usually always happy. They love spending time with loved ones and are very sexual. They trust people easily and make good friends. Foes find them a lot tougher than they expected.

Duan Minh is a Chinese astrologer with over 20 years of experience in astrological compatibility issues. Visit her free site to find out more about Chinese astrology compatibility and Chinese Horoscope in general…http://www2.chineseastrologer.org/chinese_astrology_horoscope.php

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