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The journey from romantic couples to perfect couples

Author: adam70 05.07.2013 · Posted in Relationships

You might have always wanted to be amongst the lot of happy couples. But due to some unexpected reasons your chemistry with your partner is not working. Sometimes you find that the past was good, your partner or your hubby or your girlfriend used to understand even a minute issue that annoyed you but now your relationship has become stale.

You may be engaged couple, dating couple or couple with a baby but it is for sure that you would like to solve the bitter issues that arose in your relationship. To handle this there are no magic wands but you have to work for it, along with your partner and believe me this task is not impossible at all.

You have got the power to transform yourselves into a perfect couple. If you are a romantic couple then too at any stage of your relationship you may feel that everything is not going fine. Many romantic couples have a misconception that everything is going fine within their relationship. At this stage we have to understand very well that romantic couples may or may not be perfect couples but if you enjoy even the darkest days of your life then there is certainly one thing which is common in both of you and that is intelligence.

Intelligence is not confined to taking right decisions in the times of distress but intelligence leads you to the comfortable position where there is no place for anguish. You may have not taken right decision but you enjoy the capability to take a decision and then make it right. This works equally well in professional life as well as personal life.

So how can you be a perfect couple?

It is simple enough just know.

Just be informed about your partner’s attitude. His strengths and weaknesses, what situations make your partner restless, what makes him cozy? The more you will know about your partner the more wonderful relationship you will have.

Couple love each other is not enough for a wonderful relationship but they must have a healthy perspective towards each other. Whatever may be the situations the differences must not knock on the doors of any third person. These are the signs of a perfect couple. No doubt they have conflicts but their style of handling conflicts will be appreciable.

Communication acts as a bridge between relationships. Just express your self in front of your partner clearly. At least say few things which are very close to your heart. You care for them and in the same manner you want your partner to care about those things or relationships. When you become frank, trust develops over the course of time and trust ignites true love.

Love is an intrinsic part of a relationship whether it is between romantic couples or married couples. If you love someone say it but never cross the limits. Do not ever breach the privacy of your partner without knowing him or her in advance. These things matter a lot if you want to come under the list of happy couples.

So take a wise decision to know your partner in advance, express yourself and yes happiness is waiting for you the next door.

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