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Relationship tests to handle your conflicts

Author: adam70 12.01.2011 · Posted in Relationships

What is Love?

Author: Bagande

heart of love

Love is a light that may get dim due to some unwanted reasons for sometime but will never get extinguished.

This is the definition which came instantly to my mind. When you love someone then you don’t put your beloved under any emotional cage. He roams freely. You are assured wherever he goes whatever he does and whom so ever he meets, he’ll return back to you with full loyalty one day.

Let me ask one more question.

How will you test couple whether they are in love or not? Is their relationship just a casual one? Is it infatuation? So how can you define any relationship!

Clueless! Let me tell you and find it out whether you get convinced or not.

Marriage tests the couples who are in love. Spending life together is not less than taking a relationship test. You can judge the deepness in your relationship by a simple case study.

Let’s say you got sick. The care and tenderness your hubby or your wife showers on you is that which will make you recover very soon and this is LOVE.

When you are in love with someone then all his problems seem to be your own. You are bothered. You are trying your best to make him come out of it, without a scratch on the forehead. You care. You are worried. This time of trouble also acts as a personality test for your partner. In this personality test if your partner never lost his patience and kept cool as far as possible then he has cleared it and he will be given the laurel of being a true LOVER.

Marriage tests offered by Resocouple are very interesting ones in case you want to rejuvenate your love life. In these love test quizzes, you don’t have to wait for problematic time to come and check you but this marriage quiz is based on psychology and human behavior.

This marriage quiz can be played by you and your partner both. It is very simple to play. Just answer some natural questions related to your persona. Remember you have to be very honest. Once you have answered all the questions of this amazing love test quiz you will be able to know about your couple type which will be exclusive for you. Based on this couple type you will come to know “amazing hidden facts” about your own personality.

At this stage you have knowledge about your strengths, weaknesses, what makes you angry?, under what situations you become restless, so overall a complete mirror image of your personality figures out with the help of this love test.

Once you or your partner knows all about this very clearly, surely you and your partner will avoid those conflicts in your lives. Thus cementing a bond full of mutual understanding where there is no place for the hatred, controversies and misunderstandings.

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